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Over 2000 years of time and space

All of time and space, anything that
ever happened or ever will .... What
do you wanna draw first? Our group
is dedicated to the cool science fiction
show, Doctor who, all 1200 years of
time and space.




Exterminate the Daleks? Now that's something you don't hear everyday.
So lots to talk about again. The main one being Rusty, the second being the doctor, and the third being Mr Pink.
So Danny Pink, an ex soldier with a past now turned Maths teacher. A bit on the nose, and haven't we seen this kinda character before, awkward, shy, the girl being out of his league and will be compared to and appraised by the doctor. In away it's good that Clara has a love interest after being shot down by the doctor, but on the other hand does she need a love interest? Does the male companion always need to be the girls boyfriend? And how much character development can we expect from Pink?
Secondly the Doctor. I'm not sure about putting the new doctors morality into question is such a good idea so early into his era. I feel like Moffat has really reset the game here, it's almost like Hartnell is back on our screens. Which there's nothing wrong with, it's just a bit of a jump to go from 9 10 11 and jump back to 1. Questioning 1's morality would be good he was only 300 at he time, but our doctors 2000, if he can't figure out what good is at this stage, we're in serious trouble. Also how will the doctor feel when Pink comes on board? And let's face it he will eventually come on board.
And finally RUSTY. Which I loved btw. Who would have thought to call a dalek Rusty? So a dalek so damaged it's turned good, how could any of us resist? It's no secret that Moffat is not a fan of the daleks being the doctors go-to enemy. He makes them serve tea, paint them bright yellow, beg for mercy, ask for help and makes them fall over far to easily. So I think he's finally found an angel he can get on board with. Slowly but surely turn the daleks good...ish. Unlike with the Asylum of the Daleks and erasing him from all the daleks memories, Moffat could have made all the daleks just like rusty, but instead he only gave us one giving us hope. I would hope this continues, as it has so many possibilities. Rusty could convert others and create his own revolution. We can have a team of daleks on our side.
But what do you think, is a good Dalek a good idea?
A new Doctor bursts onto our screens and what an entrance. There is so much to talk about in this episode. But I'll keep it simple and just discuss the big 4, the Doctor, the two face man, Clara and the doctors big sexy woman.
When we were shown the opening scene of the dinosaur, I was hesitant about that being the main plot. Like the giant cyber man rampaging threw London. My first thought is, how come nobody remembers? But unlike the giant cyber man, this one has reason, it's the doctors fault, it's not "oh it's happening anyway, he's the man to fix it", it's actually his fault so he should fix it. As well, we know, this 14th incarnation was never suppose to exist, so this is a completely new time tine, everything carpaldi's doctor does from here on out will rewrite the time line.

Next thing I wanna talk about is Clara's new relation ship with the 12th doctor. I have heard people refer to Clara's attitude towards him as out of character, which yes there are slight moments where you question why she's having trouble with his old face because she's dealt with John Hurts Doctors, and seen his first incarnations which weren't exactly young looking. But that being said, the companion is first and foremost the viewer. She is out gateway into the doctors life, the person who asks questions and stick along side him. Clara's reaction in this episode were exactly what the fans were thinking, certainly not all the fans, but to have to play to the common denominator. She has seen every incarnation as much as we have, she had to except John hurt as the doctor as much as we did, and most importantly, Matt was HER doctor. She needs closer and she needs to know the doctor is still in there somewhere. It's not that she can't deal with him looking older, it's that why did he have to look older, which is what people thought when they first saw Capaldi. I think both her and the viewer need that phone call, just so we as viewer can see the matt smith in Peter capaldi. Rather than feel like we're starting from scratch (which is what matts felt like) it feels like it's a time line and not just a new series.

The two faced man was wonderful, I really liked how he was the main focus and not the rampaging dinosaur. I like plots that you don't see coming, when handled properly of course, and I feel this was. The dinosaur wasn't the main focus but they didn't forget it either. And I liked how they were led to his secret hide out. Rather than them stumbling across it, which happens to often in doctor who for my liking, the vanity trap was an inspired choice. I also liked the SS Marie Antoinette. I would have preferred the SS Madame De Pompadour, and have it been the same robots, rather than their sister ships. I hope we see more of the promise land, which in my opinion feels like it's going to be a club house for the doctors enemies.

And last bus now least The Doctor. I don't know how I feel about him. I liked home, in some cases I loved him, I love his chemistry with coleman better than matts, but then BANG I didn't trust him, when he closed that door and left Clara behind, it was the first time I ever didn't trust an incarnation of the doctor, the doctors been selfish and mysterious before, but never like that. As Moffat said, this is a doctor you don't know if he's coming back and your not sure you want him to. But hen he does and my heart soured. But that doesn't mean I liked his plan. If I could sum up this doctor, I'd say he's an ego maniac needy game player. But seriously it was hard not to feel sorry for the doctor, especially when he was paralleled to the half face man when he says "you've changed your face so many time there probably nothing left of the original you", which made me think, this is so true, from the doctors point he changed SOOO much since his first incarnation, I'll be the never saw himself turning out this way. So to over all I like this doctor but I don't love him, not because of capable I not because of the episode, not even out of loyalty to matt, just because I don't trust him, and I always want to trust my doctors.

So what did you think of this episode? What did you think of Capaldi? And who is Missy? Get ready to speculate :)
Take a DEEP BREATH cause there's two weeks to go.
For any fans who were lucky enough to see Deep Breath in advance please keep this a spoiler free zone. For those of you who are yet to see it., what are your hopes and fears for the next season of Doctor Who? Will Capaldi be the Doctor we deserve but not the one we need? Or will he be the Doctor we need but not the one we deserve? (I never really fully understood which one was better :P) any how... What do you hope we see in the next season? What monster looks the coolest? Which part of the trailer looks the best?
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