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Russell The Davies has come out in saying he never thought the revived series would go beyond 1 season, and after that he intended to write the gay tv series he currently working on.
I'm sure some may think "yes, it should have stopped" but it got me thinking.

Doctor who nearly never happened.

It could have stopped at Chris, we'd never have gotten David or Matt or Peter, and certainly not John Hurt. What ever your feelings towards each doctor or season, more than likely your favourite episode, character, monster, doctor, companian or even tardis nearly never existed.

It's been 10 years since the shows revival, and thank my lucky stars Russell decided to continue because other wise I would never have had Doctor who in my life. It really put the whole show in perspective for me, that while a whovian does love to pick apart the good, the bad and the ugly of Doctor who, without it there would be a pretty big whole in the Internet right about now.

What do you think? Does the enjoyment outweigh the complaining, or should Russell have just stopped at serean 1?
Who was a better show runner, who had better stand alone episodes and who has better cliff hangers, and who was just better over all?

Russell T Davies or Steven Moffat

I think that both are equally good show runners as both have big shoes to fill, Russell had to bring it back and Moffat has to keep it going, the only difference is Moffat has the harder job these days as he has the Internet analysing the crap out of his episodes, where as Russell didn't get that when he started. Russell accidentally re created a pop culture for the 21st century where as moffat now has to keep that alive.
And as for stand alone episodes I would say moffat is in the lead with that, blink, asylum of the daleks, Christmas carol, I'm sure there's more, Russell however while he has one of my favourite Midnight, stuff like turn left or the next doctor, I don't know I feel moffat is coming out ahead
And as for cliff hangers I definitely believe Russell was the lesser of two evils, however he could never carry them out, every time he had a fantastic cliff hanger where the bad guy obviously won, he'd just undo it with some kinda magical explanation, where as Moffat can carry out a cliff hanger, his cliff hangers aren't that shocking or life threatening, and as well he always finishes a two parter with another cliff hanger so that can get annoying.

So over all who do you think is better, who is the lesser of two evil or who do think is just better of the two?
It was awful, Peter CapOLDIE is such an asshole to everyone he talks to, it's as if the doctor has now forgotten what's it's like to be nice at all, he's just Malcolm Tucker in the TARDIS. And a female time lord, what a load of shit. Worst idea ever to turn a male time lord into a female time lord, especially the master. And Clara talk about annoying, she's learns nothing throughout the whole series, no character development whatso ever in this series from any character. And why in the F*#k does the Doctor use the consol room as his work area, he has a whole world of a tardis in the back room. And the worst episode by far was Listen. I mean showing the doctor is actually just a cry baby, ruin our hero why don't you Moffat. The best part though was when Osgood got what was coming to her, and Danny, both of em annoying as hell. God I've given up on this show!

Disagree with me?
Of course you do, this is a harsh review, with little to no evidence to support anything I've just said.
This is to get a rise out of fans. Prove me wrong. Defend the show and Capaldi. People don't like telling you things, but that love to contradict you.
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